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Sometimes Christians limit their religious responsibility to God and their local church. But the Bible announces that each single believer around the planet is related to us as an arm is attached to a body. We are all part of the body of Christ. If our vision for service stops at the local church, our efficacy for the dominion will be reduced. God’s dominion is the realm where He rules in the hearts of men and exercises His authority. We who’ve been saved by the grace of God are part of the dominion, which is set up in the hearts and lives of followers. One of today, that realm will be a physical fact with a new heaven and new earth. Till then, we are all at work to build the dominion by sharing the message of Jesus Christ with the planet. That is the job of the church – the same mission given to the eleven followers when Jesus rose to heaven.

Our responsibility is to construct the bridge of understanding about God’s grace. The Holy Spirit eventually walks a lost person across the bridge, but we are charged with building it in the 1st place. Definitely God might have selected to draft a message in flaming letters across the midnight sky.

Then folks from each culture could see the Gospel, recognize the presence of God, and be saved. But instead, He placed His plan of deliverance in the hands of everyone so we will be able to take a role in His work.

Now’s the time to build bridges for Jesus.

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