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Firm Forgiveness by Rodney Howard Browne

Pharaoh swept his hand out wide, in order to include all that massive land of Egypt, and expounded, “It’s all yours, Joseph.” Then he took off his signet ring and put it on Joseph’s hand. You know what that ring signified, don’t you? It was actually the platinum charge card of that day. It was actually the way the king stamped the invoices, the laws, or anything more he needed to confirm or validate with his seal.

Now Joseph had that ring on his finger, placed there by the Pharaoh himself. When the reward comes, thank God without pride. Only God can bring you thru and out of the dungeon. Only God can reward you for your faithfulness. Remember, with meekness, that it is God who has put you there. A small number of you are on the edge of promotion and you do not even know it, because God doesn’t announce His appointments ahead. What you’ve got to do, while you wait, is to believe His promises.

While in the darkness of your dungeon, by religion, trust him to bring the light of a new dawn. The God of Joseph will stay beside us in the dungeon days ; he won’t forsake or forget us. He is going to be there in the blast of the winter storm, holding out the guarantee of spring. He’ll be there thru the darkest night, silently reminding us of the guarantee of morning light.

Joseph learned a damaged and ashamed heart isn’t the end, but the start. When the affliction stopped, he’d been refined, and he came forth as gold. He had become an individual of bigger stability, of deeper quality, of stronger personality. God’s guarantees are just as much for us as they were for Joseph. His tender mercies go with us from the pit to the apex.

LIVING IN CHRIST IS A JOY by Rodney Howard Browne

When money is our objective for contentment, we must live in fear of losing it, which makes us paranoid and suspicious. When celebrity is our target, we become competitive lest others upstage us, which makes us envious. When power and influence drive us, we become self-serving and strong-willed, which makes us conceited. And when possessions become our god, we become materialistic, thinking enough is rarely enough, which makes us greedy. He teaches that all of these pursuits fly in the face of happiness and joy. Only Christ can satisfy, whether we have or don’t have, whether we are known or unknown, whether we live or die.

And the excellent news is this : Death only sweetens the pie. That alone will make you giggle again.

The New Testament in Modem English, reads : “For living to me means simply ‘Christ,’ and if I die I should only gain more of him.”.

The Lord’s Ways by Rodney Howard Browne

The Lord's Ways by Rodney Howard Browne

Twice we read in that short account, “The Lord was with Joseph.” Joseph started to see the hand of The Lord God in his jail experience. In what might have been the direst of positions, the dreariest of places, Joseph thrived. Heexplains that due to this, he was made available to be utilised by God strategically in the lives of at least 2 men. Fake accusations put Joseph in jail, but it was actually the Lord who stayed near him and nurtured his soul while he was there.

The warden trusted and respected Joseph such a lot that he “did not control anything under Joseph’s charge as the LORD was with him ; and whatever he did, the LORD made to prosper.”. You see, the Lord God stayed 1st in Joseph’s life ; He was the focus of his life. He shares that the lens of the Lord God’s will stood between Joseph and his circumstances, enabling Joseph to see God in them, to read God in them—and enabling God to use him in them.

When a dungeon experience comes, the swiftest and easiest reply is to feel that you have been forgotten by God. I do not know if you checked out the cartoon “Ziggy,” but I enjoy him—maybe as he frequently claims the things I have been thinking. One of my tops shows Ziggy, with his giant nose and bald head, standing on a mountain and staring far above him.

The sky is dark, and there’s one lonesome cloud up there. Ziggy screams, “Have I been put on hold for the remainder of my life?”. You have felt like that, haven’t you? “Lord, will You ever answer?” how frequently the heavens appear more like cold brass than God’s loving abode. Make no mistake about it, Joseph did not merit jail, but he answered to it fantastically. Firstly in his life was his imperative and consistent relationship with his Lord. And due to that, God used him in strategic and important ways.

The Right Time by Rodney Howard Browne

The Right Time by Rodney Howard Browne

He shares with us a story: In September , Belinda was walking the shops in Arizona. She knew precisely what she wished to get her hubby, John, for Xmas. A little shop attracted her attention, so she popped inside. Her eyes darted toward the corner display. Her grin faded into discontent as she realized David’s income as a cop could not stand such a jolt.

Yet she loathed to give up without a try, so she applied a little ladylike endurance. “Uh, what about putting this aside for me? Perhaps I could pay a little each week, then pick it up one or two days before Christmas?”. “No,” the merchant expounded, “I will not do that.” Then he grinned. You can take it with you and pay me later,” he claimed.

Her partner John, working the night shift, got a call in his squad vehicle. John reacted straight away, arriving on the scene nicely timed to see the suspect speed away. With siren hollering and lights flashing, he followed in hot pursuit. John conscientiously approached the suspect with his weapon drawn.

In a split 2nd, the door flew open as the burglar produced a gun and fired at John’s stomach. At 6 o’clock in the morning an officer came to the door of their home. Quietly and with great care, he told Belinda what had occurred. Surprised , Belinda thought how satisfied she was she had not waited till Yuletide to give her partner his present. How thankful she was the shopkeeper had been prepared to let her pay for it later. Instead, he was now in the hospital not with a gunshot wound, but with only a bad bruise.

He explains that David was wearing the gift of life Belinda couldn’t wait to give his husband bulletproof vest. In the movement of events is God, who plans and prepares the times and the seasons, including the minutest detail of life. Folks who survive a tragedy do not have much tussle with sovereignty.

Unforgiveness by Rodney Howard Browne

Rodney Howard Browne shows us salvation

He explains that if you continually struggle to pardon folks who have maltreated you, you can consider yourself incapable of that sort of forgiveness. Many of us are convinced that forgiveness is just a feeling that may be experienced in the face of conflict. True forgiveness isn’t a feeling, but an action. If you find it tough to pardon others, take a leading role in the middle by following these 4 rules.

No, it isn’t always simple to pardon someone. We are often the targets of enormously distressing offenses. If we are unforgiving, that’s our problem and no-one else’s – we must repent of this sin and ask God to help our unforgiveness. To make a conscious call to release the offender in your brain. When you end up reliving the main points of the worrying behavior, force yourself to stop. When you keep the details fresh in your consciousness, you trap yourself in a cycle of discomfort.

Select instead to separate the individual from the unpleasant memory. This suggests that you can’t “forgive” somebody and then repeatedly bring the topic up. If you’ve been nursing a grudge against a particular person, ask God for the power to excuse. If you constantly struggle to pardon people who have maltreated you, you may consider yourself incapable of that type of forgiveness. Rodney Howard Browne explains that many people are convinced that forgiveness is merely a feeling that could be experienced in the face of conflict.

True forgiveness is not a feeling, but an action. If you find it tough to pardon other folks, take a pro-active role in the middle by following these ideas : recognize and confess an unforgiving spirit. We are sometimes the targets of very dangerous offenses. God commanded us to be loving, forgiving people. If we are unforgiving, that is our problem and no-one else’s – we must repent of this sin and ask God to help our unforgiveness. Make a conscious call to release the offender in your brain. When you finish up reliving the details of the exasperating behaviour, force yourself to stop.

When you keep the details fresh in your brain, you trap yourself in a cycle of discomfort. Select instead to split the individual from the unsettling memory. This suggests that you cannot “forgive” someone and then ceaselessly bring the subject up. If you have been nursing a grudge against a selected person, ask God for the will to pardon.

Rodney Howard Browne | He is Our Best Friend

It’s a miserable fact that most Yanks have few, if any, true chums. We are simply too busy to cultivate pointed friendships. This isn’t the way of Christ. When you look at His life, you notice straight away that He spent a bunch of time developing close relationships with his followers and supporters. He worked closely with the 12, consulted privately with His “inner circle” of Peter, James, and John, and bestowed on John special attention as a friend. Jesus set a fabulous illustration showing how to procure buddies and the way to treat them.

As a true friend, Jesus : one. Loves you entirely and absolutely, not because of who you are, but just because you are. Christ’s love does not rely on what you do or stop when you fail – it is continuing and unalterable. Two.  Accepts you the way you are. At the same time, He inspires you to grow and realize your total potential. Knowing all your capacities completely, he does not need you to settle for under He has designed and equipped you to become. Three. Understands you entirely.

There is no trail you walk that Christ hasn’t already trod. He may not approve of everything you do, but He grasps your current position, feelings, and thought processes in a way that is inspiring and inspiring. Because Jesus is a real buddy, you can show Him your real self – even the parts you consider hideous and unlovable – without fear of rejection or feedback. Brazenly bring your worries, wounds, hopes, and joys before the Chum who loves you completely.

Rodney Howard Browne | Finding the Way to God’s Kingdom

Sometimes Christians limit their religious responsibility to God and their local church. But the Bible announces that each single believer around the planet is related to us as an arm is attached to a body. We are all part of the body of Christ. If our vision for service stops at the local church, our efficacy for the dominion will be reduced. God’s dominion is the realm where He rules in the hearts of men and exercises His authority. We who’ve been saved by the grace of God are part of the dominion, which is set up in the hearts and lives of followers. One of today, that realm will be a physical fact with a new heaven and new earth. Till then, we are all at work to build the dominion by sharing the message of Jesus Christ with the planet. That is the job of the church – the same mission given to the eleven followers when Jesus rose to heaven.

Our responsibility is to construct the bridge of understanding about God’s grace. The Holy Spirit eventually walks a lost person across the bridge, but we are charged with building it in the 1st place. Definitely God might have selected to draft a message in flaming letters across the midnight sky.

Then folks from each culture could see the Gospel, recognize the presence of God, and be saved. But instead, He placed His plan of deliverance in the hands of everyone so we will be able to take a role in His work.

Now’s the time to build bridges for Jesus.

The Word of God to Us – From Psalms 119

2017″From the Heart” teaching by Drs. Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne.

Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible. It was most likely written by David. David was a successful man—as an individual and as a leader—because he reverenced the Word of God, held it in high esteem and lived by it. Even when he made a mistake, he asked the Lord for forgiveness and continued to be submitted to every word that the Lord spoke to him. There are some people who, because they themselves do not want to submit to the Word of God, belittle the Bible and claim that it was written only by the imaginations of mere men and not by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. But 2 Timothy 3:16 NKJV says that, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.” Whether people agree or not with God’s word, they will still be judged by it in the end.

Many books that people base their whole life on were written by single authors, many of whom claim to have received their revelations from an angel. The Bible, on the other hand, had 40 authors, but is consistent throughout. There is no doubt it was written by men under inspiration of the Holy Spirit and it is God’s word written directly to us and for us! If we love and honor God’s word, we will succeed and prosper in every area of our lives. To those who have no respect for God’s words, they mean nothing, but to those who love the Word of God and whom have realized its value, it is sweeter than honey and more precious than gold! Romans 11:33 NKJV says, “Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways past finding out!” Indeed, there is no list or description that can fully do justice to all the words of Almighty God, but read and meditate on this description of the Word of God, taken only from Psalms 119, and let it minister to your Spirit and encourage your heart.

The Word of God is to us:
• The law of the Lord—verse 1; 18
• A record of His testimonies—verse 2; 14; 31; 36
• A revelation of His ways—verse 3; 15
• A code of His precepts—verse 4; 15
• A list of His statutes—verse 5; 33
• The sum of His commandments—verse 6; 32; 35; 86
• The righteous judgments of God—verse 7; 13; 62; 75; 106
• The source of cleansing—verse 9
• The words of God—verse 11; 16; 57
• A ready counselor—verse 24
• The source of life—verse 25; 40; 50; 88
• A history of God’s wondrous works—verse 27
• A tower of strength—verse 28
• The way of truth—verse 30; 142; 151
• The way of God—verse 1; 37
• The way of righteousness—verse 40
• The way of salvation—verse 41
• A true trust—verse 42
• The word of truth—verse 43; 142; 151
• The source of hope—verse 49; 81; 114
• A source of comfort—verse 52
• The subject of songs—verse 54
• The foundation of good judgment and knowledge—verse 66; 130
• A source of delight—verse 70; 92
• Something better than riches—verse 72
• A book of promised mercies—verse 76
• The testimony of His mouth—verse 88
• An eternal plan—verse 89; 91
• An unforgettable code of laws—verse 93
• Something infinite in its scope—verse 96
• A source of wisdom—verse 98
• A source of knowledge—verse 99; 104; 130
• Something sweeter than honey—verse 103
• A lamp to the feet—verse 105
• A light to the pathway of life—verse 105
• An eternal heritage—verse 111
• A source of joy if obeyed—verse 111; 112
• A stay in trouble—verse 116
• Something to be feared—verse 120
• The word of God’s righteousness—verse 123
• Something to be loved more than silver and gold—verse 127
• Something wonderful—verse 129
• The source of light—verse 130
• Something understandable to the simple—verse 130
• A code of laws for the upright—verse 137
• A righteous and faithful testimony of God—verse 138
• The pure Word of God—verse 140
• The truth from the beginning—verse 160

* Forty-eightfold Description of the Word of God from Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible.

Rodney Howard Browne | The Blessing of Feeling Inadequate

Many of us say that feelings of inadequacy are enemies to be subdued rather than chums to be employed. In a few cases these emotions can prepare us for our best achievements. It’s what Paul found when he set out to evangelise the Gospel to all creation.

Notwithstanding his great learning and sundry gifts, the apostle recognized that he wasn’t enough of himself to minister for the Lord.

By taking that perspective, he was in a position to step out beyond his very own private boundaries and benefit from mystical power. Many times we fail to take this additional step as we too simply surrender to our deficiencies. We may use our constraints as an excuse for not taking on troublesome assignments. We are saying, “I can not do this,” or “I do not need that responsibility” when faced with God’s call to serve. Know the Lord will not accept such excuses as he has given the Holy Spirit to enfranchise us for any task He allots. If we fail to claim this power, then we run the chance of multiplied failure. First off, we miss the joy, peace, and happiness derived from stepping out in religion to answer God’s “impossible” call and watching His enablement. In addition, our hesitancy may deprive people of the advantages of our service. Although you may not feel that you have got a load to give, but never undervalue the impact of one person who has learned how to rely on the adequacy of Almighty God.

Rodney Howard Browne | The Gift of Inadequacy

Many of us would scoff at the concept of inadequacy as any sort of blessing. Too many of us have been tortured by such feelings instead of sanctified by them. At the same time, Christians can use them as stepping stones to blessing : Our inadequacy forces us to do our work in the power of the Holy Spirit. Anything that places us on our knees and drives us to God needs to be good. An awareness of our limitation can relieve us of the load of attempting to do God’s will in our own strength.

Without the Holy Spirit, we’re going to be crushed by weights we can’t carry. Another blessing is that such awareness “frees” God to use us to the maximum of our potential. When we are lowly enough to feel our need, then God will raise us to great heights. Recognizing our inabilities permits God to get all of the glory for His work.

Spiritually minded folk can tell when something is of God and when it is not. If you are in the Spirit, the glory will justly go to the Lord. Inadequacy can enable us to live in happiness and silence of spirit. Either we’re going to give God our burdens and stop attempting, or we intend to proceed in our own strength and become overwhelmed. Like Paul, we shouldn’t claim adequacy in ourselves, but rather recognize that our adequacy is from God.

( two Corinthians 3:5 ) What area in your life are you attempting to manage in your own power? Relinquish control and watch for God’s blessing.