The Lord’s Ways by Rodney Howard Browne

The Lord's Ways by Rodney Howard Browne

Twice we read in that short account, “The Lord was with Joseph.” Joseph started to see the hand of The Lord God in his jail experience. In what might have been the direst of positions, the dreariest of places, Joseph thrived. Heexplains that due to this, he was made available to be utilised by God strategically in the lives of at least 2 men. Fake accusations put Joseph in jail, but it was actually the Lord who stayed near him and nurtured his soul while he was there.

The warden trusted and respected Joseph such a lot that he “did not control anything under Joseph’s charge as the LORD was with him ; and whatever he did, the LORD made to prosper.”. You see, the Lord God stayed 1st in Joseph’s life ; He was the focus of his life. He shares that the lens of the Lord God’s will stood between Joseph and his circumstances, enabling Joseph to see God in them, to read God in them—and enabling God to use him in them.

When a dungeon experience comes, the swiftest and easiest reply is to feel that you have been forgotten by God. I do not know if you checked out the cartoon “Ziggy,” but I enjoy him—maybe as he frequently claims the things I have been thinking. One of my tops shows Ziggy, with his giant nose and bald head, standing on a mountain and staring far above him.

The sky is dark, and there’s one lonesome cloud up there. Ziggy screams, “Have I been put on hold for the remainder of my life?”. You have felt like that, haven’t you? “Lord, will You ever answer?” how frequently the heavens appear more like cold brass than God’s loving abode. Make no mistake about it, Joseph did not merit jail, but he answered to it fantastically. Firstly in his life was his imperative and consistent relationship with his Lord. And due to that, God used him in strategic and important ways.