The Right Time by Rodney Howard Browne

The Right Time by Rodney Howard Browne

He shares with us a story: In September , Belinda was walking the shops in Arizona. She knew precisely what she wished to get her hubby, John, for Xmas. A little shop attracted her attention, so she popped inside. Her eyes darted toward the corner display. Her grin faded into discontent as she realized David’s income as a cop could not stand such a jolt.

Yet she loathed to give up without a try, so she applied a little ladylike endurance. “Uh, what about putting this aside for me? Perhaps I could pay a little each week, then pick it up one or two days before Christmas?”. “No,” the merchant expounded, “I will not do that.” Then he grinned. You can take it with you and pay me later,” he claimed.

Her partner John, working the night shift, got a call in his squad vehicle. John reacted straight away, arriving on the scene nicely timed to see the suspect speed away. With siren hollering and lights flashing, he followed in hot pursuit. John conscientiously approached the suspect with his weapon drawn.

In a split 2nd, the door flew open as the burglar produced a gun and fired at John’s stomach. At 6 o’clock in the morning an officer came to the door of their home. Quietly and with great care, he told Belinda what had occurred. Surprised , Belinda thought how satisfied she was she had not waited till Yuletide to give her partner his present. How thankful she was the shopkeeper had been prepared to let her pay for it later. Instead, he was now in the hospital not with a gunshot wound, but with only a bad bruise.

He explains that David was wearing the gift of life Belinda couldn’t wait to give his husband bulletproof vest. In the movement of events is God, who plans and prepares the times and the seasons, including the minutest detail of life. Folks who survive a tragedy do not have much tussle with sovereignty.