Rodney Howard Browne | He is Our Best Friend

It’s a miserable fact that most Yanks have few, if any, true chums. We are simply too busy to cultivate pointed friendships. This isn’t the way of Christ. When you look at His life, you notice straight away that He spent a bunch of time developing close relationships with his followers and supporters. He worked closely with the 12, consulted privately with His “inner circle” of Peter, James, and John, and bestowed on John special attention as a friend. Jesus set a fabulous illustration showing how to procure buddies and the way to treat them.

As a true friend, Jesus : one. Loves you entirely and absolutely, not because of who you are, but just because you are. Christ’s love does not rely on what you do or stop when you fail – it is continuing and unalterable. Two.  Accepts you the way you are. At the same time, He inspires you to grow and realize your total potential. Knowing all your capacities completely, he does not need you to settle for under He has designed and equipped you to become. Three. Understands you entirely.

There is no trail you walk that Christ hasn’t already trod. He may not approve of everything you do, but He grasps your current position, feelings, and thought processes in a way that is inspiring and inspiring. Because Jesus is a real buddy, you can show Him your real self – even the parts you consider hideous and unlovable – without fear of rejection or feedback. Brazenly bring your worries, wounds, hopes, and joys before the Chum who loves you completely.