Lenore Testimony

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Reflecting on Pastor Rodney’s’ Wednesday evening messages on “Word being Sown into the Hearts of Men”. I have a better understanding of the importance of keeping watch over my heart. Keeping the right heart and having a heart that is receptive to the word of God will enable me to fully experience the Presence, the Blessings and the Peace of God.

I see the word as the seed that must be planted, but before the seed is planted the ground must be prepared. Preparation may be by digging up solid ground which will require removing weeds at the roots so they will not grow there again. It may be removal of rocks gravel that can stifle the growth of the seed. Once the ground is prepared the seed can be planted.

Our hearts must be made flesh and the hardness of life, circumstances, offenses, hurt, bitterness, anger, etc. must be pulled up by the root so it will not grow back at a later time. Once it’s removed, the word of God must take it’s place so the enemy will have no room. The seed now can take root; it can grow with no hindrances and be free to bloom. To be a good steward of that seed, we must guard it and if there are weeds threatening to grow around it the weeds must be removed and not given a chance to take over the seed. When offenses come, do not let them get into your heart, block them with the word of God, seek God in prayer, stay humble and obey God.

The effect of the word on a heart that is right and receptive to God will produce Peace, Joy, Love, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Goodness and Faith.