Rodney Howard Browne – Howard Testimony

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God has blessed me this past month in many ways. I heard a testimony from one of the interns in the youth department about their giving and how God had blessed them with over and above what they had thought or expected. I asked God what I should sow, but my mind was telling me not to sow because I needed to use the money I had to get just enough gas to finish the week. God told me to trust Him and sow what I had. I sowed the money and felt peace about the situation. The next day I was blessed with my entire gas tank being filled up! God knew my need and just wanted me to put my faith in Him and believe that He would meet all of my needs! The next day I got a call from someone to help them move some furniture and got paid to do it. In the matter of 5 days of sowing my seed, I got blessed with 800% increase! The next week while I was about to go soul winning; the car that we were taking needed some gas. I was able to put gas into the tank from the increase from my seed. It felt awesome to be able to bless someone else that needed gas after God had just blessed me with gas. I know that if I keep meeting other people’s needs and sowing into good ground that God will meet all of my needs.