Rodney Howard Browne – Nicole M. Testimony

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I am a second year student this year and over the summer I had a big expectancy for returning to school and what God was going to do this year. I desired to get everything out of this year that I possibly could because I truly know that God is doing a huge work right now; not only with the Great Awakening but in my life as well. In the three and a half weeks that we have been back to school, God has done exceedingly over what I could have ever expected.  One day Pastor Allen was preaching on purity and on letting go of your past and the fire of God fell on me so strong. God burned the bridges of the things in my past that were holding me back.

It was amazing because I felt the anointing on me stronger than ever before and I felt a literal lifting of the bondages off of me. I had such a peace inside my spirit after that and I knew that the attachments that I had to the things of my past were completely gone. Aldo, when the spirit of giving broke out on Thursday during class, God required some things of me that were very dear to my heart and I really felt a break through because I was able to be obedient and give those things with a cheerful heart. I really had a breakthrough also in the area of not being attached to material things. I know that God is doing a huge work in my life right now, preparing me for what He has called me to do and for now, I am happy with receiving every impartation given from the teachers and the Holy Spirit this year and the years to come in school and in this ministry…..Nicole M.

Rodney Howard Browne – Patrick S. Testimony

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We are additionally believing for jobs and a home with air conditioning.  However, it seems so insignificant considering how much so many Christians, and even fellow students, who seek to save souls in His name, sacrifice.   We have learned that fellow students have even been living out of their vehicles and with friends for the past three weeks until God opened up doors for them otherwise.  My family and I know that we have had breakthroughs spiritually, which are bringing us even closer as a family.  Being at RBI has been so revealing as to the amount of growth that needs to take place in our lives.

We have followed your ministry since 2004 when encountering a traveling evangelist while on vacation in Georgia.  He told us about this preacher in Tampa who had the “FIRE OF GOD.” Had I not listened to the Lord late that night in a hotel parking lot when He spoke to me to listen to what this evangelist had to say, I’m not so sure I would be here today.  I was not going to talk to this man because of the late hour, it being 11:30 at night.  I am thankful that I was obedient to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

You are a precious man of God, Pastor Rodney.  Thank you for your love and obedience to our Lord and Savior.  I know there is going to be a whole lotta nation shak’n going on!

Rodney Howard Browne – Melody F. Testimony

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It has been quite a beautiful, yet wild, journey to be in the place that I stand now. Throughout the past 2 ½ years God has continued to show himself real in many areas of my life.  In the summer of 2009 I was in such a bound situation in the world.  I had completely forsaken the call on my life, and found in a place which I had handed over control of my everyday life to my surroundings. One morning I couldn’t sleep and I found myself face down on my closet floor crying out to Jesus. I prayed the sinners prayer that morning and asked that God would relieve me of my hurts, I said “Jesus take everything from me that is not of you”.

Shortly after that prayer my mom called to let me know that she needed to take a trip with one of my sisters that was having a rough time, and that they were headed to Florida. I wished them well and hung up the phone.  But something inside kept telling me that I needed to go. And somehow by that evening I went from crying on the floor in my closet in Austin Texas, to sitting on the front row of Pastor Rodney’s church service, which was at that time the last place I wanted to be.  As I was sitting through the meeting I was able to keep a straight face but on the inside there was an intense battle going on. I wanted so badly to get up and walk out, It was finally  started to hit me that I had found myself in the last place I thought I would ever be.

Rodney Howard Browne – Valentina A. Testimony

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Then I managed to go to bed but even still I was laughing, my son immediately woke up and came to me and asks mum do you have joy? I said yes. He asked do you know you have been praying for this joy for so long ? I said yes. He got up took anointing oil pour it on my head and said Lord I pray this joy they you have given my mum will never leave her again in Jesus name. I finally went to sleep laughing and the next day I felt like hocking everybody and telling them how much I love them and how good the Lord is. It is only when I got to bible school that I understood what happen. The anointing is transferable. Remember i never touched my landlady she just looked at me and caught the joy. My whole life has never been the same since that day and it is what gave me the strength to go through my first year of RBI.

The RBI Revival for this year was also touching to me because the lord dealt with me internally. He took out so many things in my life and expanded me in my inside which I cannot explain all. I am so Thankful to Pastor Rodney and Adonica Haword Browne to have seen beyond the natural eyes of man and granted me a scholarship that has not only added a meaning to my life but has change my whole destiny for eternity…..Valentina A.