Rodney Howard Browne – Bianca P. Testimony

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I am so grateful to be a witness for Jesus.  I was so stirred in my heart that I knew I had to help empower others to be a witness for Jesus too.  I realized that God has such a big plan and that I am only one piece of the picture.  These meetings have kept me from being ashamed of Jesus.  I have learned that a tool as simple as a phone call can make an eternal difference to the person that answers the other line.  Some people look down on phone ministry when it truly is a privilege. 

As I would pray with others on the phone I could feel the Lord ministering to me at the same time.   The bible is clear on the great commission as well as clear on being there for those that are in need.  When little children begin answering phones to pray with people you know that there has been a move of God.  We must allow God to use every member no matter how small, no matter how it appears in the physical.  There are those that might say God can’t use me because I use a wheel chair, or I have some physical restriction. 

If God used a jackass he can use me.  The leper that came back to thank Jesus for being healed was made whole.  If we are thankful for our salvation then winning people to Jesus in gratitude should be a given.  I am so excited to be a part of such a grand commission.  May God bless every single soul winner that confesses Jesus before men. -Bianca P

Rodney Howard Browne – Timothy T. Testimony

Worship Soundtracks from RMIRiverSong on Vimeo.

This week is Winter Camp Meeting 2011 here at the River at Tampa bay Church…and I have never been in better services in my entire life. Some people may say things like “wow, that was such a great meeting, the best I have ever been in” and they may have some true feelings behind such a statement; but, believe me when I tell you that out of the thousands of meetings and services I have been to these meeting shave been the most anointed, incredible, and powerful meetings I have EVER been in my entire life.

The testimonies of what God is doing in people’s hearts through soul winning and sitting under the anointing of God during the services bring me to tears almost every night. Last night especially sticks out to me. It was Thursday night. At the end of worship Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne began singing “Holy, Holy, Holy” and the presence of the Lord fell so strongly on the congregation as everyone lifted their voices to sing this song at least 7 times through!

What made this so powerful is that at one point the sound was the loudest and most uniform I have ever heard it in this building, it simply was the best worship ever…it sounded as if angels were leading us in worshiping the King of Kings, our Lord Jesus Christ! All I can say is that I wish all of my friends and family members could make it into these meetings, God is literally unlocking destinies, giving purpose, and showing direction to so many lives!  -Timothy T.