Rodney Howard Browne – Charlie H. Testimony

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This last week has been so amazing. I got the chances to work in kid’s church and that just about blew me away. The fire of God was hitting the adults and the children it was amazing. I got the chances to do phones as well this week and it was amazing how God was touching the people on the phones. So many people were on the phones asking for the fire of God and to be baptized in the fire of God. It was amazing how people were calling in telling me how the fire of God was hitting them in there room in there house.

I had a guy that called in named Paul who was so hungry for God all he wanted to do was win souls and have the fire of God touch him. He started to pray in the Holy Ghost and the fire of God hit him. Then he started to talk about how he just wanted to win souls and go to a church that was on fire for God. Then I got to the chance to sit in services I was so ministered to. I felt the fire of God and it helped me with some things that I was asking God from. God is so amazing and he is touching so many people by this broadcast and I don’t think that we will be able to ever know how this is helping people until we get to heaven. –Charlie H.