Rodney Howard Browne – Thomas R. Testimony

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This week has been an incredible week! I started the House of Joy in JL Young Retirement Community and already we are seeing fruit! We had the Bible study there last year, but were unable to secure a spot on the calendar for use of the cafeteria. I prayed all the way to the location, met with the leadership there, got to speak with the President of the association and when I did, his response to me was: “Well, there is no calendar at the time due to a mix up, so what time slot did you need?” We were the first to secure a spot on the calendar (after BINGO, of course!) and it was an amazing blessing.

Not only did that happen, but also in moving into the cafeteria, we are in a high traffic area, so many people pass by us as we study the Word! Well, one the 2 attendees called over people as they walked by and two new people sat down at the table… BOTH GOT SAVED during the altar call at the end!! HALLELUJAH!! We are seeing God’s power manifested in this community and I am believing God for a powerful breakthrough in this community, that it will be shaken with miracles and displays of God mighty hand, and that ALL will come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ!!-Thomas R.

Rodney Howard Browne – Jerry B. Testimony

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Amazing what God is doing here in the River Bible church at Tampa bay. I just come  West Africa, a country called republic of Benin to Go to the River bible institute. But what I’m seeing here is extraordinary. My expectations are far away from what it’s happening on this land  of faith. This school is laying in the life of Christians the true foundation of Christ.

Just ten days I’ve been here, I never see in my life such a massive evangelization in the whole world. I thank God for what he is doing in Pastor Rodney and Adonica Howard-Brown .May God bless them and all those who are working with them in this anointed ministry in Jesus name. Amen-Anonymous

The Lord is so good, I can’t imagine life without Him!  Seriously, I don’t see how people go about their ordinary lives without knowing the Lord, personally, and relying on Him for everything they have and are…

Just sitting in the services is great, and it’s not until you’re out that you begin to realize that “something” is changing about you.  Somehow, the Lord is closer…  I might say that it’s strange, but it’s not, it really is the most awesome thing I’ve ever experienced! 

No matter, what is going on in “life”, somehow the presence of Jesus makes things easier to bear.  You begin to walk with a purpose, and begin to understand that the greatest thing in life is that “some people will be in heaven because of me!”  This purpose, and this drive begins to take the focus off of yourself, and onto Jesus and what He has planned for your life.  And then things get, “more clear”.  You begin to realize that you’ve spent most of your life trying to find “something”, or “someone”.

You’ve tried money, relationships, degrees, job status, everything, but you’ve always been left with the feeling of, “is that really all there is?”As you stay in the meetings and the voice of the Lord begins to get more clear to you, you can begin to see the simplicity of life in, “Loving the Lord, your God, with all your heart, and Loving your brother as yourself!”Jesus is just so good! -Jerry B.

The Great Awakening has had such an impact upon my life – Rodney Howard Browne

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The Great Awakening has had such an impact upon my life this past week. When Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne announced that the Great Awakening would be televised live daily,  I became so excited because I knew that it would be so big. For the first time in my lifetime would complete services of revival be live on tv where all the world could see and experience the power of God. Many are so hungry for the reality of the power of God but have not had an opportunity to experience this until now. As I meditated on what is happening, it stirred me up to get hungry for God. I’m becoming hungry again for the things of God and desiring to lay down my life to the will of the Lord. I’m desiring the fire to change me on the inside so that I can have a greater impact on this world around me. This week I’ve been passing out flyers for my dad’s accounting business and everyday I’m being stirred up even more to speak to the people I encounter. People of all ages and nationalities are coming to Christ as a flyer. One person jokingly questioned, “So you’re a part time minister and part time worker?”, and I thought about it and responded, “No. I’m a full time minister and a full time worker.” Another person wanted nothing to do with the flyer that I was giving him and even tried to curse me out. Then out of nowhere I just mentioned that Christ was good and he agreed with me. Immediately I went over to him and shared the Gospel script and he gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord is doing awesome things in Tampa Bay and abroad. –Angel D.