Matters of the Heart | Jerardy Sanchez Testimony

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On December 13, 2009 there was a Spanish outreach that changed people lives. Many people stepped up to the plate and volunteered. It was so awesome to see the body of Christ come together as one to be a blessing to our community. Many children left with a smile on their face and many families left with assurance that they will have food for the week. It is such an honor and privilege to be part of this ministry and that day I was able to see every single department how everything flowed. I am Dominican so I was able to communicate with the visitors and children. As I did the follow-up calls the next day I realized that many people were filled with joy and wants to come back to the church. Now you may think they want to come back because of the toys and food but in actual reality they said it was because they loved the people here and enjoyed the service very much. The altar call was full of first time visitors being touched for the first time and filled with the Holy Spirit. It is such an honor to be part of this ministry and to know that every single person that help make this happen will be rewarded some day. This is what it’s all about, winning souls and making a difference in people lives. This event not only changed people lives around me but it also impacted my life to know how blessed I am to bless others and their family is the best thing in the world I wouldn’t trade it for anything. This outreach was one of the best I have seen yet and I know there will be many more to come I am excited to see what God will do in the future.

What did Camp meeting mean to me? | Ruth Neff Testimony

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Camp meeting was very eye- opening for me. It brought me to realize where I was at in my life and showed me it was dangerous if I stayed where I was at in my walk with God. I had underestimated that over a short period of time I could become stale in my relationship with God. I had allowed something in my life to stop me from pressing on toward the goal God had for me to reach. While sitting in camp meeting, God brought me to a place where I was uncomfortable with life in “status quo”. I was challenged not to settle for the way things have been or way they “look in the natural”; and regardless whether or not it is “good enough”.

On Thursday night, the fire of God fell as I had never seen before. The air was charged with electricity. I feel God used the week from the beginning to show me things that needed to be dealt with, that I had been pushing aside because I didn’t want to face them. However, at that point a fresh hunger began to grow in me. A desperation to act on my faith, and trust God to help me overcome the battle that I face and not give up.

My walk with God can’t go anywhere if it’s stagnating. I don’t ever want hungering for God to be my hobby, it’s who I am. Pressing on towards the things that God has for me is what my life is all about. To take the life-changing Word and Presence of God to a lost and dying is what makes life worth living. Whatever challenges come my way, I don’t want to ever give the devil access to my life by the choice not to allow God to change me.

Let my heart be open before Him, and may I hold nothing back, so that He can use me to touch others. If I’m not making a difference, then why am I breathing?ssss