Winter Camp Meeting | Karen Abraham Testimony

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This past winter camp meeting has truly been a life-changing experience for myself, and many others. I pressed in and relied completely on the Holy Spirit to keep me energized everyday to accomplish all that He set me out to do. I was at the church early for Hospitality Ministry, worked book tables, sang for worship, and was able to participate in the worship experience of the evening services also. Though physically I was tired, the Lord sustained me. His strength was made perfect where I was weak. After the evening meetings, I would go home and just rest in His presence, praying in the Holy Ghost and singing songs to the Lord. The presence of God was so strong in the meetings, that when I would sing on the platform, the anointing caused me to almost fall several times and drop the mic. It really touched my heart to hear the story of Pastor Rodney and Adonica’s life and experience in the ministry and how they started out and the history of what God has done through them. I am so grateful to be connected to such a great ministry and I continuously pray that the same anointing and burden for souls is handed down to myself and the students and the congregation. And that we lock in and hook up to the vision of God in His kingdom and come together just worshipping and shaking nations, as we prepare for eternity. Working in the call center has shown me how privileged we are to be students and to be able to come here for meetings and services. Others around the world long to come to a church where they feel the presence of God, and for that we are so blessed. The power of God is so real and I saw it through the diving healings, and manifestations and favor of God during this Camp Meeting. I sowed in faith the entire week and I constantly reaped from the Lord. It gave me a bolder spirit of expectation. And I thank God for the truth of His Word. Overall, this Camp Meeting taught me more than anything, to stay connected to the presence of God, that it is something I never want to lose or take for granted, and that it will sustain me even in my times of weakness.

Victory Fellowship/New Orleans | Kyle G Testimony

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This past Sunday I went to a healing service by Rodney Howard-Browne. His sermon was about how the United States, because of its corruption, is not ready for the judgment to come. During his whole sermon people were laughing uncontrollably with no cares about the people around them (they were filled with the holy spirit). After the sermon he laid hands on all of the people in the audience. The audience lined up in rows so he could literally just touch them with the fire of God. He did this for maybe a half- hour till he got to me, and when he did touch me I heard a quick descending tone (like a whole musical octave). I also, for a brief second, smelled and felt a flame being lit (representing my own fire as far as I know). Then I felt “drunk.” I began to laugh, not uncontrollably, but just because of what had just happened to me. Later I went up again because I wanted to experience that feeling again. This time I fell completely to the ground and again felt “drunk.” These experiences proved to me that he does exist and it made me wonder, how will he look upon me if all I have done is play video games and not read his book? So I broke my games and will sell my Xbox.

Kyle G
Cambridge Minnesota United States

Victory Fellowship/New Orleans | Cheryl C Testimony

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First of all, I want to thank my Lord and Savior for rescuing me from the pit and making my life alive again in Him. I also want to thank the Howard Browne family for answering the call of God to come to America. I live one drop away form drunk everyday and my relationship with God has been radically changed forever. I am the church drunk , the town drunk and the household drunk at my home. When we first came to the meetings in Victory Fellowship in New Orleans, it took quite a long time for us to learn to receive but it was a lesson well learned. He is soooo good. I tell ya bro. rodney I love to wake up every day with a praise for my King and give the devil a fresh haert attack and fresh stroke . His presence has brought such an ease in my life and has enabled me to do what He had called me to do! All my friends who learned to drink have forgotton how and think I am a little loony but I don’t care. I have tasted the new wine of heaven and I ain’t backing up, I ain’t backin out and I ain’t apologizing for it. I am going on with God and come hail high water hurricane or hair lip , I am gonna take this country for my King. Thanks for making services available online. I enjoy getting to worship with y’all. God bless y’all and let the river flow!!!!! Obey Your Thirst!!!

Cheryl C
Vidalia Louisiana United States