Great Awakening Tour City #46 Riverside, CA | Yvette O Testimony

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1st time on the streets, a young lady said, “I don’t have time.” But after I shared with her, she said, “Wow, thank you.” Everyone of the 18 I lead to the Lord today was a testimony. First time out I went to nursing homes. At first I wanted to go on the streets but because not too many wanted to volunteer for the nursing homes, I did and am glad I did. Before leaving the last nursing home, I was talking to Trija from Finland how witnessing becomes a life style. So on the way to the car I saw two young ladies sitting on a bench. The Spirit of the Lord came on me in boldness, so I went up to them and asked if anyone had ever told them that God love them. Both said yes, one said she was a Catholic. Then I asked if they thought they would go to heaven and they answered Yes based on their works. I read the script and they both prayed and afterwards were filled with joy. They both expressed thankfulness that I had stopped.

Yvette O
California United States

Great Awakening Tour City #46 Riverside, CA | Barbi R Testimony

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My 1st time at nursing home, 15 saved and 3 refused. A man was incapacitated, unable to speak. I said the prayer and he responded by raising his crippled hands up to pray, nodding his head. On the streets, I saw a tough looking man, looked unapproachable. I walked to him with courage. He received Christ and seemed totally different. It was an instant transformation, the way he talked, his body language, his countenance.

Barbi R
California United States

Great Awakening Tour City #17 Tulsa, Oklahoma

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In Tulsa,Oklahoma October 31,2007 I went out to the down town area with a young lady with the initals JS, sorry I don’t remember her name, but she did initial my card. I did not come to the last meeting so I still have the card. I have been wanting to get these testimonies to your for some time, so here they are. I walked over to a man sitting in a truck on the parking lot the Tulsa transit bus station; he was a bus driver waiting to start his shift. I read the script to him, he told me that he knew God was for him, that he would go to heaven because he tries to do good things. He agreed and repeated the salvation prayer. The man said I needed that, as I walked away he yelled out thank you. this was amazing to me because when I first approached him he said that he did not have time that he had to go, but he got out of his truck stayed and allowed me to lead him to Jesus and he got saved IN A HURRY! I have another testimony of a woman. While waiting for her bus, I started reading the script to her, just about that time a bus passed by and she hurried toward the bus I went with her as far as I could. I started searching for may next candidate within a group of people, and here comes this same woman, she said OK, that was the wrong bus. She was standing there ready to recieve, I was able to give her a hug and put the DVD in her hand Thanks be to God, and thanks to you all for what you are doing. KEEP THE FIRE BURNING! my name is Priscilla, servant of the most high GOD.

Priscilla C
Tulsa Oklahoma United States

Good News Vizag

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Hi Pastor Rodney, Every time I watched people laughing under anointing in your TV program, I too wanted it. This desire was like a fire burning in my heart. And God Almighty sent you and guess what? I received this Gift. From that day till today I never stopped smiling or laughing. Isn’t this a miracle? I am a living testimony. My manager complimented me as “She is never without a Smile” and so were and are the people around me. What a mighty vessel has God made you Pastor Rodney. I praise God for you. Thank you so much!! I am praying that God would send you to Vishakhapatnam again and again until there is a revival here in this city. Rejoicing in his Spirit, Suma

Suma L
Vishakapatnam Andhra Pradesh India